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for smarter business

Roster Right combines intelligent consultancy with a scientifically valid approach to make sure your staff hours are spent at the right place, and at the right time.

About Us

Smarter rostering for better business decisions

At Roster Right we combine intelligent consultancy with a completely new and scientifically valid approach to give you the most effective staffing solution.

We know that no two businesses are the same, so we work collaboratively with you to make sure we really understand yours. Our unique process delivers legally compliant, optimised rosters that lower wage costs and encourage growth by scheduling your staff hours where and when they are most valuable.

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Smarter rostering, to make your staff hours count

This isn't just another fancy scheduling tool.

This is a completely unique, sophisticated and scientifically valid approach to rostering. Our approach will allow you to construct legally compliant rosters that meet the needs of your business, your coverage requirements, and all at the lowest possible cost.

We analyse your existing rosters using our unique scientific approach to give you clarity on your current staffing costs, and to help identify where improvements could be made. Then, we produce site-specific solutions that are optimised to place your people where and when they're needed the most.

It sounds complex. And to be honest, it is. But with Roster Right, we do all the tricky stuff for you.

The Process

Minimise waste and create new opportunities for your business.

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